North-Estonian route

Veinivilla, Aru winery, Habaja Viinavabrik, Estonian wine chamber
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Make a tour of limestone flavours in Northern Estonia: visit three wine houses and the Estonian wine cellar! You can also visit other food producers bearing the label of local food.



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1. Valgejõe Veinivilla

Start your drive from Tallinn to east and make your first stop at Valgejõe Veinivilla, the northernmost wine farm in Estonia. Winemakers are mother Tiina and son Gregor, who are both sommeliers and talk passionately about wines. Visitors, who are not pre-booked, can buy wine to go and, if the family has more time, also taste the wines. You can reach Veinivilla by canoeing along the Valgejõgi River and has several activities for groups. For example, farm gourmet with wine tasting, wine orientation, tasting in the Lahemaa forests, etc.


2. Aru Mõis

For your next stop you should drive a bit south to Aru Mõis. Aru mõis is a small manor located in Kõrvemaa, where the local family makes craft wine and welcomes guests during warm weather period. Today, the manor has a renovated kitchen-barn and a small park. Here you can take a walk in the manor park, taste craft wines and learn about the production and history of local wines. They also offer snacks and organize tea ceremonies for tea enthusiasts. Please book in advance during the warm spring and summer period. The wines of Aru Manor have gained fame for their Northern Estonian pure flavours. Reservations can be made by calling 50 92 108 (Katrin).

aru mõis-tarmo-haud

3. Estonian wine cellar

Next you should visit the Hindreku farm in Järva County, Central Estonia, where the Estonian wine cellar is located. Hindreku farm does not yet produce wine, but they have gathered wines from almost all Estonian craft wine producers for tastings and workshops. Their Estonian wine workshop is awarded with the EHE label and provides a good overview of the history and current situation of wine production in Estonia. Weddings, birthdays or seminars can be held at Hindreku farm, and Estonian wine is honoured at every event. Meals, accommodation and other activities are offered upon pre-order.


4. Habaja Viinvabrik

On the way back to Tallinn, you can visit the Habaja Destillery, which is famous for pairing its pizza-oven made pizzas and unique home-made wines. Wine production is located in the historic Destillery of Habaja manor. Here you can learn about winemaking, taste local fruit and berry wines, explore the Soviet-era village sauna, dine in a cafe that has a magnificent pond view and travel to the colourful world in of garden fruits through a photo exhibition by the hostess.
In cooperation with Destillerys’s neighbors, you can wander in the bog or take a steam bath and relax in the saunas and campsites of Habaja Millhouse.


We suggest to get to know other producers of North Estonia region, a good opportunity is to visit caterers bearing the label of Local Food of North Estonia. Among the bearers of the label, you will find beekeepers, cheese makers, apple and potato growers and many other family businesses, as well as several local restaurants and cafes from Viimsi to Kunda and Jüri to Väike-Maarja.

You can stay overnight at Hindreku farm and with the neighbors of Habaja Destillery, but if this choice is not enough, you can find other local accommodation providers on the VisitEstonia or Maaturismi websites.

To arrange a tour, contact the wineries and choose a suitable time. The families of the Estonian  wine route are waiting and happy to give you good advice about the tour. Welcome to the Nordic taste journey!