South-Estonian route

Hirveaia winery, Kanarbiku winery, Järiste winery, Murimäe wine cellar, Veinimäe, Pindi winery and Uue-Saaluse winery
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Visit seven wineries, learn about Estonian viticulture and try local fruit, berry and grape wines. Enjoy local food and spend the night in beautiful Tartu, Otepää or Võru.



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1. Hirveaia winery

Hirveaia winery is located 40 km from Tartu, half an hour’s drive away. In Alatskivi, behind the stone fence surrounding the castle, there is an ice cellar of the manor, which has been given a new lease of life. This historic building is where you can learn about the local culture and crafted fruit and berry wines.


2. Kanarbiku winery

 Kanarbiku winery is located close to lake Võrtsjärv in the municipality of Elva. Winemaker Meelis, who does not drink alcohol, has been making wine since 2009. Two years later, the 3rd place obtained in the Maalehe newspaper’s home wine competition, gave him more confidence and courage to continue in this affair. Winning of the same competition in 2012 confirmed this even more. You can taste craft wines and take a walk in the plantation.

More information: or +372 5345 416.


3. Järiste winery

In Järiste they produce wine from their own grapes and cherries from their orchard are in their fruit and berry wine. Their apple cider is made with apples from their garden. During the tour, you can walk around the plantations and look inside the wine kitchen. They are one of the few Estonian winemakers who make wine from grapes grown in their own vineyard. You are welcome to taste the award-winning Estonian wine and have a good time in the farm! This winery can offer you dinner from their own pizza oven. Enjoy good evening with tasty food and drinks. You can find more information about pizzas at Järiste Pitsa homepage.

More information: or +372 5373 0607.

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You can find suitable accommodation for the night in beautiful Elva or Tartu.

4. Murimäe wine cellar

Next stop is Murimäe Wine Cellar – located in the middle of Otepää’s beautiful lakes and hills. While visiting vineyard and the wine cellar the wine master gives an overview of the activities of the wine cellar and winemaking. You can taste craft wines made from grapes and other produce grown in Estonia.

Murimäe also offers to serve you lunch or dinner before you hit the road (bookings only).

Murimae veinikelder - Eesti Veinitee

5. Veinimäe

17 min drive from Murimäe you can find Veinimäe.

Veinimäe talu is a vineyard in the village of Kärgula in Võrumaa. Most of their plants grow in long plastic tunnels. The total area is 2500 m2 and it can accommodate about 1200 2-5-year-old plants. Enjoy a crisp Nordic taste experience and an interesting tour conducted by an agronomist with a higher education from the Estonian University of Life Sciences!


Make a stop and visit the central square of Võru. The square is special for its movable furniture and is constantly changing. The square is used as a fairground, concert hall or a magical winter Christmas land. You can find good places for dinner and/or accommodation in the town.

6. Pindi winery

Visit to the Pindi Winery, where exciting fruit and berry wines are made from local ingredients. This winery is a small mother and daughter winery located near Lasva. Guests can learn about production and taste wines.


Here you can also visit Lasva water tower and gallery. The old Lasva Water Tower is home to a gallery where you can get to know the history of the Lasva area and enjoy photo and art exhibitions. A unique attraction in the water tower is its musical piano staircase, which plays different sounds as you step on the stairs going up or down in the tower.

7. Uue-Saaluse winery

Visit to Uue-Saaluse winery and dine at Ulgumaa Buffet. Uue-Saaluse winery is a small family business in Võru County, between the hills of Haanja and near the beautiful Lake Alajärv. Guests are offered a visit to the wine cellar, see the buckthorn plantation and vineyard and take part in wine tasting. There is also an opportunity to take a 5,5 km guided hike around Lake Kavadi. This, of course, by prior agreement.


To arrange a tour, contact the wineries and choose a suitable time. The families of the Estonian wine houses are waiting and happy to give you good advice about the tour.

Welcome to the Nordic taste journey!