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Discovering new terroir

Estonian Wine Trail

Discover new terroir on Estonian wine trail

Estonia lies on the Northern edge of the wine industry world. Long and cold winters combined with summers with moderate heat and long white nights create unique conditions for growing fruit and berries. This brand new terroir is currently being explored by local wine producers as well as tourists. During the last decade, wine producers have found their roots in old traditions, and developed them further with the help of new technology.

On the wine trail, you can get to know the winemaking secrets, meet the makers and, of course, taste local wine together with matching food, unique atmosphere and stories.

The producers of Estonian Wine Trail share the ideas and principles of winemaking and quality, but are still all different. Manors, country houses and farms; wine dinners, theatre pieces and concerts; wine spa and glamping – everyone will find something interesting.

18 wine producers make their wine from apple to grapes and exotic berries like honeysuckle. In 2021, the overall production of Estonian Wine Trail producers was 95 000 l. The wine was produced mainly from apple and rhubarb, but a decent 3500 l of wine was produced from grape.

To plan your Estonian Wine Trail trip get in touch with the wineries directly! Although the visit should be agreed with every producer separately, all wine producers are willing to share information and ideas of the best routes and activities.